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Meal Prep. & Cooking Classes 

Healthy Is The New Well-Thy

Our meal preparation and cooking classes focus on providing free and low-cost diet and nutrition education with an emphasis on meals that incorporate the five food groups. By equipping young mothers and caregivers with wholesome recipes, hands-on training in a commercial kitchen, and couponing techniques; we can offer healthy, budget-friendly alternatives to fast food and encourage improved eating habits of the entire family.


Chef Rosalyn Charles

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Financial Education &  Small Business Development

Participants receive tools and resources to achieve financial independence through responsible use of cash and credit. Many of our team members know the struggle and sacrifice that comes with raising a family as a single parent, pursuing higher education with minimal resources, or starting a business on a wing and a prayer. With the combined years of experience, various skill sets, and success stories; we are honored to provide the support system needed to persevere to accomplishing personal and professional goals. 


Farrah Carr

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Esther's Closet Online Store

Dress for Success

Esther's closet provides new and gently used business attire and accessories free of charge to qualified program participants. Women reentering the workforce, changing careers, or pursuing higher education can shop confidently with one less thing to worry about. We invite all women to visit Esther's Closet online store for discounted prices and contemporary fashions. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will help a woman on her journey to self-sufficiency and financial independence.

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Letitia Thomas


Maintain Your Fabulous!

Exercise and Fitness Move

Women come in all shapes and sizes and we want to motivate program participants of all ages to take a proactive approach when it comes to adopting a consistent fitness routine and healthy eating habits. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the symptoms of diabetes, deter heart attacks, promote healthy bones, and positively impact mood, among other benefits.

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Melissa Brown

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The Storehouse

Household Goods Pantry

The Storehouse is a pantry for household goods which are made available on an ongoing basis to working mothers raising a family in a one-income household. Qualifying program participants receive home essentials and personal care items free of charge. It is our belief that every woman should have access to these products regardless of her socioeconomic status. 


Tanika A. Brown

HH Ministry (2).png

Healing Heart Ministries

We are a Christ-centered organization which believes in the power of prayer. Once opened, women from all walks of life are welcome to come and sit in her private moment without interruption. Healing Heart Ministries also provides prayer blankets and warm weather accessories to our homeless population, senior women, and single mothers, and their children.


Gladys Drinkwater

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