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Healthy Food

Meal Prep. & Cooking Classes


Our meal preparation and cooking classes focus on providing free and low-cost diet and nutrition education with an emphasis on meals that incorporate the five food groups. By equipping young mothers and caregivers with wholesome recipes and hands-on training; we can offer healthy, budget-friendly alternatives to fast food and encourage improved eating habits of the entire family.

Classes and workshops are offered free of charge to single mothers, college students and women who are in a rebuilding phase due to an experienced hardship. We invite all women to review our fee schedule and join us for any of our virtual and in-person meal prep. and cooking classes.  



Class Schedule

Nutritional Cooking
Mother and Daughters Cooking

“In my 30+ years in the restaurant and food service industry, it has been my pleasure to serve food prepared with love and warmth to people from all walks of life; the homeless and those who have much. Regardless of their current circumstance, these two ingredients have never changed.”

— Chef Rosalyn Charles

Program Manager

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